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By Joe Torosian

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“Did I ever tell you, that the first time I saw you I felt like I had seen you before?”— Joe Banks

Did you know there are 32 football teams in the Mid-Valley Division…and that 18 of those schools will be looking for a new starting center?

Arroyo loses James Rivera, but El Monte returns Brandon Baiza, Baldwin Park Sergio Meza, and Monrovia Erik Brooks.

In fact of the 160 starting offensive line positions available in the division (32 centers, 64 guards, 64 tackles)…Only 59 starters are returning, and even in that group there are several who started three games or fewer because of injuries or coaching decisions.

The point?

Try being a coach, with everyone asking you about who your next quarterback is going to be, who has to find a way to fit Mid-Valley Division size bodies into those five slots.

The freshman speedster can stay 5-6 or 5-7 for four years and a program will get a lot of clicks out of him. But will the freshman offensive linemen who is 5-9 170 be any bigger two/three years later?

Expect Mt. View to scrap its double-wing and go with more of a Pistol approach in 2013. Chris Cervantes and Josh Martinez are lead candidates at quarterback for right now. Jerry Rivas is the Vikings new offensive coordinator.

People come to me all the time and say; “Joe, you’re a rambling guy, do you find it difficult to keep your personal bias out of rooting for a specific team?”

I’m accused of this all the time…While I can be bought, flattery won’t get you anywhere… but lunch and/or gear always works for me. Truthfully, when we covered our old school 12 we always favored them. Now, since we expanded about five years ago, it’s all a win-win for us. There’s a great story in every victory, and a really great story in every loss.

Obligatory Baseball Comment: Did the Mariners spend too much on King Felix?

I don’t have the history of La Puente football wired, but I’m going to guess that Brandon Rohrer leaves as perhaps the Warriors all time winningest coach. Someone want to look that up and get back to me in time for 2016 season?

And since we’re talking about eyes and keeping them fixed on something…then keep one of them on Arcadia cornerback Robbie Hillier II…He tackles, he defends, and he’s only going to be a junior.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.