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By Joe Torosian

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“I’m not talking about pleasure boating or day sailing, I’m talking about working for a living…I’m talking about sharking!”

—- Quint

Former New York Giants running back needs to think in terms of being 26 years old and having the best years of his life still in front of him…Not in terms of being a worn down middle-aged ball carrier with a suspect future in football.

Good for APU…The more of the locals that sign, the more area football fans are going to see the Cougars as their team.

If local talent can perennially get tapped that stadium at Citrus College could start maxing out…

Congrats to the entire Rosemead girls basketball family…Yesterday afternoon Melody Gauthier scored 18 points against Mt. View to become the school’s all time leading scorer (passing legendary four-year starter Leanne Pettinato)…In the Lady Panthers 64-18 victory over the Vikings, Jay Gauthier’s group extended their Mission Valley League winnings streak to 45 consecutive games. The previous record was 44 set by Rosemead nearly a decade ago…

Go Pablo!

Last Add Rosemead Lady Panthers: By the way…point guard Sydney Hua scored 24 points in Mead’s victory over View.

Again With Basketball: Move the arc back to 21.9 and weed out the chumps…I can roll out of bed on Christmas morning and hit five of ten…(In fact I can roll out of bed tomorrow morning and hit five out of ten…I ain’t kidding.)…

“They should move it back,” says La Canada girls basketball coach Tamar Hill. “For the boys. Leave the mark alone for the girls.

I’m down to a degree about a player or family seeking a transfer. No kid wanting to play football should have to stay at Blair or Cerritos…But when someone wants to leave a stable place like West Covina then you start to wonder.

A quarterback I’m anxious to see this coming season is Gabrielino’s Elijah Peters. He had some nice receivers in 2012, it will be interesting to see his progression this spring and fall.

I have to admit I did expect a little more out of Dwight Howard this season…then again I haven’t seen him play.

Most of the college riddles have been solved, but I still want to know where Monrovia’s Anthony Craft will be playing next season.

Hey, what do you know, Jack Youngblood and I are friends…


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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.