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The San Gabriel coaching situation has been settled. It went to a name that a lot of people aren’t familiar with. J.D. Thompson who’s roots aren’t embedded in the San Gabriel Valley has taken the job as head coach.

Thompson attended Corona Centennial where he played wide receiver and defensive back. He graduated in 1994 and has been on the coaching staff there for the better part of the last 16 years. He spent a year coaching at Long Beach Woodrow Wilson for a year before landing at San Gabriel.

“I did my research before coming here,” Thompson said. “I’m familiar with Jude (Oliva) and how successful the offense has been. I’m a Centennial guy which means we’ll play fast and up tempo. Without giving too much away, I can just say I’m a Centennial guy.”

Sounds a lot like the former San Gabriel guy.

Speaking of the former San Gabriel guy, a announcement on the status of Oliva is expected this week. I’m not sure where he will land but we get the feeling he will definitely land somewhere. Coaching is still in his blood and given the right situation, he’ll be on somebody’s sidelin in 2013.

As for SG assistants Donald Bernard and Matt Lopez we only know one thing for sure. They won’t be back at San Gabriel. A part of me hates to see the Matador staff broken up but another part of me sees it as the best thing. Change is sometimes better and it will give everybody a chance for a fresh start. It will also give the new HC Thompson a clean slate as he brings in all of his own guys.

If you wanted to see a Division 1 coach this week, the place to be was La Mirada High School. Coaches from UCLA, Florida, Oregon State, and Oregon among others all took recruiting trips down to the Matadore campus this past week . More are expected this week.

There was also an addition to the La Mirada coaching staff this week. Former USC All American and First Round NFL draft pick Chris Claiborne has joined Mike Moschetti’s crew.

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