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By Joe Torosian

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“I think we all learned a valuable lesson: even cycling scandals are boring.”

—Greg Gutfeld

Gee, the Patriots kind of rolled over and died on Sunday…It’s like choosing bachelorette number three and walking around the corner to see Peterson’s sister. Its not awful, you were just kind of expecting something more.

That’s how I felt about New England on Sunday. Go Baltimore. I don’t know about you but I think Manti Te’o looks like a Raider or Bengal already.

It’s been established that Lance Armstrong is a bad guy…cycling is a yawnfest…time to move on…In other words: I don’t care.

Remind me never to spend another dime in San Marino…

Is Lane Kiffin still head coach at USC? You would think with all the coaching talent that got canned recently in the NFL someone would be able to step in and go 7-6 at USC.

Kind of sorry to see the Kings leave Sacramento…If you’re old enough to remember when they moved there from Kansas City, I don’t think even then anyone thought it was a permanent deal…I guess it wasn’t. Seattle is a good basketball town…

Will they be called the Supersonics? They shouldn’t. Do you think anyone under 25 knows how to distinguish the two previous Washington Senators teams in baseball that went on to become other teams in other cities?

I’m personally waiting for a football team to come to Los Angeles and name itself the Express…Or at least Orange County and call itself the Southern California Sun.

Last Add Express: If you’ve seen North Torrance High School play then you’ll probably get goose bumps thinking you’re seeing Tom Ramsey, Kevin Nelson, and/or Jo Jo Townsell.

Another great part of the all old USFL experience…UCLA players always had a place to go when done in Westwood.

I thinking I’m getting out of the naming a all-area football teams business and take up something safer…Like smoking.

You have to feel for the Falcons…then again…no…

Something tells me that if the quarterback is going to play the read-option game, he should get blown up by the linebacker or defensive end on the play. Whether he keeps the ball or not. Just blow him up. I’m sure the league will find a way penalize or fine you, but I have a feeling if the Ravens in the Super Bowl to light the 49ers Colin Kaepernick up three four times in a row that reed-option attack won’t be as dangerous.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.