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By Joe Torosian

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“What’s the matter with you?

Never let anyone outside of the

family know what you are thinking.”

—– Vito Corleone

I wasn’t overly impressed with San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s running on Saturday night against Green Bay. I thought it was bad defense. Twenty years ago defenses figured out ways to keep Randall Cunningham types from doing damage. Somehow the Packers missed the lesson.

I was totally impressed with Kaepernick’s ability to pass the ball. That dude threw strikes, he looked great throwing the ball.

Do you realize that Tim Tebow has one more playoff win as a Denver Broncos quarterback than Peyton Manning does?

USC fires basketball coach Kevin O’Neill…now I wish Pat Haden would continue to heed  “The Voice” and “Go the distance”…Fire Lane Kiffin.

Question: When you are fired by USC, do you still get to be part of the USC family?Is Reggie Bush still part of the USC family or is he the brother/uncle that dodged the draft and went to Canada? The one you hope, one day, will return for Christmas.

Last Add Peyton Manning: All Monday morning I kept hearing comparisons to his roll right, throw back to the middle of the field, interception being compared to Brett Favre’s pick in the NFC championship game between Minnesota and New Orleans in 2009.

It look pretty similar…except Favre’s secondary didn’t have Rahim Moore playing centerfield. Where did Moore learn to play centerfield?….Oh yeah, that’s right.

Speaking of UCLA…good for Jim Mora Jr. in getting a few more bucks out of these guys.

Really Last Add Peyton Manning: Thirty seconds left in regulation, two timeouts, …and with a Hall of Fame quarterback you take a knee?

Was that John Fox or Chuck Knox coaching the Broncos on Sunday?

“Of the 69 underclassmen last year, 25 went undrafted.”—Former Dallas Cowboys GM Gil Brandt.

Funny how some athletes can be criticized for quoting scripture after a victory, but Ray Lewis (one of the greatest linebackers of all time) skates by when he quotes scripture out of context.

Really Really Last Add Peyton Manning: He’s not my favorite quarterback of all time, but should he be held accountable for a receiver letting a ball go between his hands and the ball returned for a touchdown?

Maybe my issue is, I would hate to be compared to Brett Favre.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.