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By Joe Torosian

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By Joe Torosian

“When I feel it, I shoot it. When I don’t feel it, I still shoot it anyway.”

—-Truck Robinson

Part of the pleasure of football has always been is that, outside of lightening, they play no matter what.

They play in all of the elements…they even play high school football in southern California in the third week of August…It’s football, that’s what football is supposed to be.

I understand the arguments smart folks are making about hitting having replaced tackling in football. I listen when they say fundamental tackling has gone out the window in favor of the football form of the blocked shot…which is the big hit.

There is talk about getting rid of kick-offs, helmets, having zero tackling days in practice…

So with all this going on, I’ve been comforted by the fact that at least they are leaving me the elements.

I mean they’ve changed all the fields, most of them, to field turf so we don’t get mud anymore.

Thank goodness the NFL, NCAA, or CIF isn’t in too tight with God or they would be petitioning for seventy-five and sunny conditions for every game.

I want mud, but the days of me getting mud are just about gone.

I want rain and snow…and I still may get rain and snow.


 …As I’m watching the snow fall at Lambeau Field on Sunday night I’m wondering where the heck its going. The snow is on screen, its picked up by the cameras, its accumulated in the stands…its collecting everywhere except the field.

 The field….

 And the reason it is not collecting on the field is because in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The place where “Vince Lombardi” is the equivalent “Abraham Lincoln”. Where duels in the snow and cold November nights are ingrained into the football lore of America like nothing else.

 At Lambeau Field…They have heaters beneath it.

 Heaters, so the snow won’t collect.

 Help me.

 What is football coming to in America when we can’t have snow on the field anymore?

 “The Horror!”

 I have no doubt this is a conspiracy by those who play soccer…by those who want us to look a little more like Europe and the rest of the world.

 How can football not be played on a snowy field?

 It starts with mud, goes to snow, and soon…very soon…we will no longer be playing in the rain.

 …And when the game is completely moved indoors…a new discovery will be made about of field turf causing everything from childhood obesity to global warming.

 …And football will be gone.

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