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By: Joe Torosian, Sports Writer

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By Joe Torosian

 “And God Bless Mrs. Sumler.”

         —Rosemead football prayer.

Only thing worse than an unbeaten season in Columbus, Ohio…is an Irish victory in South, Los Angeles.

Can someone find a way to get USC to the Holiday Bowl…

Oh, I’ve always been a fantasy football fan.

Say it, go ahead and keep saying it…because I agree with you. It’s true that Rio Hondo Prep doesn’t get enough respect for what its accomplished on the football field.

Did you know the Kares are playing in their 21st CIF title game this Friday night against San Luis Obispo’s Mission Prep? Did you know that they have already won 13 titles.

The struggle in covering RHP football is outside of playing Arcadia in the opener they are usually going out to Claremont, Palos Verdes, Boron, and San Diego…In the age of four dollar a gallon gas that is brutal on a budget.

Here’s the solution…Have the Kares move into the Olympic League. It makes a lot more sense to move them into the Northwest Division than it does to move Monrovia out of the Mid-Valley Division.

Speaking of Monrovia…you can’t speak enough of about Monrovia in what they have accomplished these last five seasons.

Paraclete on Friday night is going to be a problem though.

Always good to see El Monte’s Brandon Martinez on TV…

Can’t say the same for the San Diego Chargers?

How bad is the system in the NFL? Think about it…every two to four years in this country you have a choice to vote out a miserable politician. We don’t always do it, but the option remains. However in the NFL, if you are a San Diego Charger fan, you are stuck with Norv Turner…

Having Norv Turner named as your head football coach is the equivalent of being invited to a barbeque and having a plate of Spaghetti O’s dropped in front of you…

El Monte American Little League will be having sign ups for the 2013 season the first and second Saturdays in December (10:AM) at Pioneer Park. Bob Butler is the new league president. In January sign ups will be held every Saturday morning.

Speaking of Little League today (November 28) is former El Monte National volunteer Jackie Stout’s birthday. May she live long and prosper. Jackie used to put out the best stat sheets back in Little League coverage days. She was awesome sauce.



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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.