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By: Joe Torosian, Sports Writer

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By Joe Torosian

“You’re gonna talk! You’re gonna beg to talk! Because someone is going to talk!”— Jimmy Malone

Two-minutes and thirty-seven seconds…that’s how close it was.

In the fifteen years I’ve been back covering football few things were as fun to watch as the El Monte Air Show down on Tyler and Concert.

I think anyone who designs uniforms, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers throwback worn on Sunday night, should have it count against them as a “three strike” offense.

There are a lot of things in life that are wrong…the Steelers uniforms are “really” wrong…

Really excited about the Lakers this coming basketball season…I just hope Nick Van Exel and Del Harris have ironed out their differences.

Time to close down the Lane Kiffin Show…or lack of show…Send him and his dad fishing…

Oh, I’ve always been a little indifferent about fantasy football.

South El Monte, 2013 MVL champs?

Chris Christie on Saturday Night Live reminded me of the days when cast members were called “The Not Ready For Prime Time Players…”

So we are two weeks away from the opening of the floodgates…? Christmas shopping? Nope…Coaches stepping down…Tis almost the season.

Speaking of USC…seeing Matt Barkley go down on Saturday reminded of the old soldiers comment about every bullet in war having someone’s name on it. After Barkley got smashed by UCLA’s Anthony Barr it came to me that every player has a hit with his name on it.

Deon Sumler’s was Efrain Oquendo…Joe Theisman’s was Lawrence Taylor…Sammie White’s was Jack Tatum…Joe Torosian’s was Peterson forgetting his wallet.

When does the hockey season start.

Send us your volleyball pics…and we’ll do something nice with them.

REMINDER: El Monte American is holding sign ups this weekend at Pioneer Park at 10:AM…They will also have sign ups at the park the first and third Saturdays of December…and every Saturday starting in January. Bob Butler is the new league president.

Did you know Temple City’s Chris Reed was visited in the hospital after the Rams playoff loss to Paraclete by Spirits HC Norm Dahlia? True…and Very Classy…

Last Add El Monte 2012: Receiver Abel Barajas with a touchdown catch in Friday’s loss to Paraclete broke the school record for touchdown receptions in a season with 18. The old mark, 17, was held by Ray McNeil since 1979.

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