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The Peterson Principle

By: Tim Peterson, Sports Editor

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By: Tim Peterson 

In the not too distant future having all the coaches gather together on CIF selection Sunday will be unnecessary. It’s really not necessary now. All the playoff pairings are online already and a lot of gas money would be saved by simply having the coaches log in to check it out.

What about the coin flips to determine the second round home game? Well like an area coach told me Sunday at Covina High School where the Mid-Valley selections were held, web cams or skype would work just fine. How about the exchanging of film?

“Everybody is on “Hudl” now anyway. All you have to do is log on and view the opponents game film. It’s really easy,” one coach said.

It was really evident Sunday. Usually there are hard copies available but there was a problem with a fax or printer or something and everybody was advised to view them online. El Monte Coach Joel Sanchez was cool enough to give me his bracket sheet.

“Hey, I don’t need it. I’ll just look at it online,” Sanchez said.

It’s the wave of the future. Everything else is done by the computer, why not the selections. The whole process took maybe five minutes and everybody was out of there. Covina Head Coach Joe Brown did bring the donuts. Hey grab one for the road.

I saw Paraclete HC Norm Dahlia and his staff on hand and all I was thinking was wow! That’s a long haul for a five minute stay.

Is it necessary for the media to attend? Let’s just put it this way. If I would have stayed home the pairings would have been posted about an hour earlier. The interaction with the coaches is nice, but that’s what practices, games, text messages and phone calls are for. Next year staying home and logging on. Heck, the coaches might too.

Former Covina Coach Darryl Thomas was there dressed in a CIF Southern Section T-Shirt instead of the usual Colt gear. “Yeah, that’s why I’m the least stressed guy in here,” Thomas said with a laugh when I asked him if he was only representing the CIF now.

Arroyo could have done a lot worse than Bell Gardens. BG had a great year but remember there are monsters out there named Paraclete and Monrovia.

“It could be 7-6 or it could be USC-Oregon,” said Bell Gardens Coach David Ramos. “You just never know

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The Peterson Principle