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By: Joe Torosian, Sports Writer

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By: Joe Torosian

“You’re gonna talk, you’re gonna beg to talk, because someone’s gonna talk…”

                — Jimmy Malone

Oh, I have always been a fantasy football fan.

Arcadia is hitting the playoffs with all the momentum of a 1974 Ford Pinto, automatic transmission, going up Kellogg Hill. (Welcome to my nightmare.)

Last Add on the Griffin Bowl: What did I see at the end of the game when things started getting rowdy? I saw a few 16 & 17 year olds doing what 16 & 17 year olds are sometimes capable of doing when emotion gets the best of them…But I also saw two coaching staffs do exactly what they needed to do in that situation. They kept it from getting out of control…and if you are not going to talk about a great game, then you need to talk about how well the coaching staffs on both sides of the field did at averting something that could have been ugly.

Gladstone and Albert Sanchez are perfect example of what happens when you work hard and play well…Santa Clause comes early and brings Mary Star with him.

Last Add Fantasy Football: Didn’t everybody sign Russell Wilson as a free agent this week?

They still got to play the game, but Arroyo got a great draw. Yeah Bell Gardens is no push-over but perhaps they should ask Northview or Temple City how they feel?

Really Last Add Griffin Bowl: El Monte HC Joel Sanchez and OC Brian Tabatabai had to be dying inside after the loss, but I found them both to be very gracious. In a difficult situation they were marvelous.

South El Monte gets a shot at redemption against Covina after losing to the Colts in the first round a year ago.

So how long will we have to hear; “In the wake of Sandy, a Giants victory would really be a shot in the arm for New York. It would really mean so much to this community.”?

“Jerry Valencia.”—South El Monte offensive players on who they would hate to get hit by from their own defense.

I’m sure age has nothing to do with Steve Nash’s fragile bones.

Note to Don LeGro: If you’re team wants to get physical, if they want to come hard for four quarters, if they can take of the football,, if they want to make the extra block for Lee Jones…Sierra Vista can beat Nordhoff! …Hint: The Rangers have receivers, but no passing game.

Ever notice how you never see Dallas Cowboys wide recevier Miles Austin and New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez in the same room?

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.