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FANVIEW – October 24, 2012

By Joe Torosian

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“I’m loving it Joe! I’m loving it!”  — SEM LB Joe Morales versus Rosemead in 2005

Oh, I have always been a fan of Alhambra’s Jesse Campos!

Note to Athletic Directors: Check the cheerleaders playlists.

Salt in Wound: Not to rub salt in the wound but San Marino’s 58-point bomb on Temple City Friday night was the most ever scored against the Rams in a game.

Next Add Alhambra: When I think of the Moors over the course of the last year, it’s been like they’ve been dropped in a blender. But instead of being cut up and coming to pieces, they keep getting stronger. A tip of the cap to this team, if indeed I were wearing one.

USC should put a little pressure on the PAC 12 Network to cut a deal with Direct TV…I’m not leaving Direct, and the only ones being hurt by this are the Trojans.

For Arroyo its just about la fiesta acabado…

Congrats to John Tuttle and the Glendale Nitros for hanging tough this season. Tuttle, formerly known as Gypsy John Tuttle for his many coaching stops, which include Temple City, Monrovia, and Duarte, is turning the Glendale program around.

With a little help from former TC assistants Art Carrington, Marty Valadez and Tim Loya.

When San Gabriel Tribune writer John Sherrard told me he felt an upset in his bones Saturday night, (That APU was going to beat conference opponent Central Washington) I told him it was the Chipolte being served in the press box.

Turned out it was a good feeling as APU won it’s first game of the season 24-17 over CW.

As long as they come to play Monrovia should beat San Marino this week. If they show up sleepwalking, they’ll have to wait until the fourth quarter to pull it out.

It is always odd to see Rosemead and Arroyo facing off for third place in the MVL. The Panther run the risk of missing the playoffs for the second consecutive year. The Knights run the risk of missing the playoffs for the first time since 1983.

If Arcadia can find a way to hammer with Sheldon McKinley and Jake Medel, and keep the Muir offense off the field, they may have a chance to get a piece of the Pacific League title.

If they try to run with them? Adios muchachos…

Last Note on 1983: I saw Peterson dance that year…I got a job at Albertsons…I had to hear way too much “Thriller”…and Rosemead beat Arroyo 35-14.

Still digging fantasy football…and no, I didn’t auto-draft.

What do you call: Mt. View, Baldwin Park, Bosco Tech, Workman, Ganesha, La Canada? “The Walking Dead”.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
FANVIEW – October 24, 2012