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FANVIEW – October 17, 2012

By Joe Torosian

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“Every time you win, you are reborn.”


— George Allen


If Temple City HC Mike McFarland pulls off the win against San Marino this week, he should be named Grand Marshall of the Camellia Parade.

Has anyone seen a Lakers game yet?

Saying Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is struggling on the field, is like saying George Clooney struggles to get dates with swimsuit models.

Note to Fred Roggin: When you put Brandon Martinez on your show, give him more time! The best quarterback in the schools 111 years deserved better.

So does Brian Tabatabai start getting consideration for OC of the year?

The most interesting thing I heard on Friday night after South El Monte scored its first touchdown was that Gabrielino was trailing in a game for the first time all season.

I’m really starting to dig fantasy football.

Really starting to miss hockey…honestly, not really.

Have to love the players who keep strapping on the helmets and pads for Alhambra…

Next Add TC: For those of you thinking a Temple City upset of San Marino this week is out of the question, check this out; Titan opponents are 14-36 on the season.

I have never been so bored by Major League Baseball…

Question: Would you rather have your team be pathetic, so when they lose you don’t get too angry about it. Or…would you rather have your team be mediocre and be ticked off every time they lose?

I’m not making predictions, but if Levi Wells can stay healthy and get more comfortable South El Monte is going to be a real tough out over the next few weeks.

Chris Long and staff deserve loud applause for getting Arcadia to this point in the season. The Apaches were written off after the opening the season with a loss to Rio Hondo Prep…yeah, remember that.

A good football season is the kind of season that sees the Dallas Cowboys struggle…Always a pleasure.

Speaking of the Lakers, I don’t know what it feels like to be Antawn Jamison. He’s been around 14 seasons averaging just a tick under 20 points and eight rebounds a game and people hardly know he’s still in the league.

Can you imagine if Jamison had spent the last 14 years with either the Lakers or the Boston Celtics? Better still, can you imagine what you would do with the 15-million he’s going to make this season?

Now that’s the kind of anonymity I can handle.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
FANVIEW – October 17, 2012