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Joe Torosian, Sports Writer

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“Tell Graham… see. Tell him to see. And tell Merrill to swing away. ”

--Colleen Hess


Perspective man…

You understand it…there’s a need for it…it is rational…it makes sense…and thoroughly a big pain in the neck.

Yeah, when you’re young you can be forgiven for lacking perspective…but that means “forgiven” because perspective remains oh so necessary…Whether you are young or old.

Part of the anticipated scene at El Monte Friday night was seeing the Lions, the Lions coaching staff, and anyone with any affiliation to the school going crazy after beating Arroyo for the first time since 1990.

Rip up part of the field, tear down a goal post, rip up a picture of D.J. MacKinnon, Jim Singiser, Dominic Salmon, or Steven Rivera.

Instead the players were in check…and the coaches, while elated, exhibited perspective.

Let me tell you something if I’m David and I take down Goliath, I’m putting that head on a pike for the Philistines to see.

If I’m the guy getting sand kicked in my face, then I’m going to rub salt into the bully, after I kick his butt, every chance I get.

When I win a game of Uno, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or get a prediction right on a football game, I twist that knife into my adversary and make him suffer.

It’s what I do…actually it’s what I want to do…Until perspective steps in to keep my actions in check. It highlights my inner immaturity before I unleash it for the world to see. Perspective sometimes might feel like shackles, but it’s more like the wise hand of a parent or grandparent keeping you aware of what is happening all around you.

With the clocked ticked down and the game ball presented Joel Sanchez and the El Monte coaching staff started talking about next week. About Rosemead.

The id inside of him, inside of us all, may have wanted to jump up and down and scream it from the mountain top…But perspective reminded him, and the rest of those involved with the program, that the victory—big as it was—was only one of five they would need to win the Mission Valley League.

Brandon Martinez was awesome, the team was marvelous, but Sanchez and his coaching staff was tremendous in understanding and employing perspective.

 This makes them even more dangerous going forward.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.