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FANVIEW By Joe Torosian

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“Into the great wide open, under them skies of blue
Out in the great wide open, a rebel without a clue.”
—Tom Petty
I’ve taken a different approach to our fantasy football league this year.
No study.
The last few seasons I’ve done all of this and all of that to get ready for the draft, only to have it fall apart when the random drawing of a computer puts me in the tenth slot of a twelve team draft.
So this year, I’ve decided to take an indirect approach. For a while it worked, I was very calm seeing names like Aaron Rodgers and others go off the board. At the conclusion of my draft I was somewhat pleased.
Then Bad News Barker told me about Rashard Mendenall being out of action (I wondered why he lasted so long)…and I decided that I hate fantasy football.
I’ll play because my friends want me to be in the league, but its brutal. Especially when the stiff who wins it each year is usually the same guy during the course of the Pittsburgh Steelers game that they have one side of their helmet completely blank.
Still, fantasy football has to be better than what happened to the Dodgers season.
I write this on Labor Day and the high school football season is already two weeks old. Some teams are already being written off which is so funny. Just a couple of years ago I remember using Labor Day as our last opportunity to see teams workout before Wee One.
The times have changed.
They’ve changed so much, the NFL is going to kick off its season on Wednesday.
I don’t know what to think of San Gabriel, Rio Hondo Prep needs to forget about the Arcadia game, Arroyo will and is improving, the View is playing ball and…Temple City, Arcadia, and Alhambra need to be reminded the season started two weeks ago and not in September.
“We’re going to get this together, watch, you’ll see,” a Temple City assistant told me on Sunday.
Took a little heat for missing the Mid Valley Classic this year. Just a little. The last time I missed a Temple City-Arroyo opener was in 1998. Thirteen straight.
Any time I bring up the name Matt Vogel neither the Knights nor the Rams want to talk about it. Can’t imagine why.
The best song to describe the Almont, Mission Valley, and the Montview Leagues? Oh, throw in the Pacific…Into The Great Wide Open.
Anything is possible this year. You know how I know?
Monrovia lost its opener.
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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
FANVIEW By Joe Torosian