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South El Monte High Students Fare Well in First Economics Challenge

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by Anne Donofrio-Holter

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South El Monte

South El Monte High School economics students have fared well in their first Council for Economic Education (CEE) Economics Challenge.
The More Gold Less Blue Club, the brainchild of instructor Gilbert Velasquez, is comprised of students interested in economic “insights and details that are so easily left out of the traditional curriculum.”
Velasquez has always believed “that understanding investment and personal finance would improve anyone’s chances for success as they go out into the world in search of their gold.”
“Several organizations sponsor student competitions that focus on investing, personal finance, and general economic understanding,” said Velasquez.  “I had envisioned a club that would meet afterschool throughout the year and learn, so that we could find success at the competitive level.”
For the past several weeks, team members have been gearing up for the CEE competition.
At the competition, teams of students answer rigorous questions on microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, and current events.  The CEE selects the top five teams in the advanced placement and general education categories.
“Of the five schools competing from southern California in the general education category, South El Monte High School’s More Gold, Less Blue had two of the five top performing teams,” said Velasquez.
“It feels amazing to have the opportunity to go and participate because we worked so hard to cover everything,” said student Rosa Fuentes.  “All our hard work has paid off and it feels great to know that we’re some of the top students.”
“This is great news for such a relatively small and new program,” said Velasquez.  “I am very excited.”
“Although my team didn’t make it to the state championships, we were able to learn a lot more than the economic students that did not join our club,” said student Katia Teteltitla.  “This experience was something that we saw as a great opportunity and we wouldn’t have had it without Mr. Velasquez.”

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
South El Monte High Students Fare Well in First Economics Challenge