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Arcadia High School Alumni Donate 100,000

AHS Associated Student Body from 2006-2017 donates $100,000 at School Board meeting to be used for Performing Arts Center and video scoreboard at Salter Stadium. Photo courtesy of Arcadia School District.

by Scott Hettrick

San Gabriel Valley

Arcadia High School culminated yet another amazing year with a graduation ceremony at Santa Anita Park Wednesday, June 11, 2014, that showcased the best of the best.
Graduation Day for Arcadia High School seniors June 11, 2014 at Santa Anita Park. Photo courtesy of Arcadia School District.
A day earlier, students from the high school’s Associated Student Body (ASB) announced a donation of $100,000 to the Arcadia Unified School District from students past, present and future. The next day, 901 seniors participated in the pomp and circumstance of graduation ceremonies in front of thousands of family and friends in the historic and iconic grandstands. That’s more than 99% of the entire senior class. Even more astounding, the average Grade Point Average of this class is 3.34, and the average SAT scores were 1846, with ACTs averaging 29, according to information provided by AUSD officials. No wonder that more than 94% of the students plan to attend college, with five heading to Harvard and one to MIT, four going to Stanford. In addition, although final decisions have not been made, three students have been accepted to Princeton, and one to Yale, while 47 have been accepted to USC, 56 to UCLA, and four accepted at Brown and ten at Carnegie Mellon. With about 3,500 students, AHS was awarded a gold medal ranking for the third straight year by U.S. News and World Report on its annual Best High Schools in America list. At the previous evening’s presentation of the $100,000, it was explained that students dating back to the Class of 2006, along with the current class and the next three (2006-2017), contributed the funds they raised over a four-year period to the district. Each year ASB raises money for its program through school events, fundraisers, and dances. This is the same group that helped raise $278,000 in 2011 in an effort to save teachers’ jobs as the state was dealing with severe budget cuts. The latest donation will be evenly divided, with $50,000 going to the Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation, which supports the 1,200-seat Arcadia Performing Arts Center that is located on the Arcadia High School campus, and the other $50,000 helping fund a new state-of-the-art video scoreboard at Salter Stadium.
AHS Associated Student Body from 2006-2017 donates $100,000 at School Board meeting to be used for Performing Arts Center and video scoreboard at Salter Stadium. Photo courtesy of Arcadia School District.
“Knowing that we are working together with past and future councils was such a motivating force in our fundraising efforts this year,” said Sharon An, Class of 2014 Senior President. “We are proud that ASB is contributing to a lasting legacy, not only with the scoreboard and the PAC, but in a tradition of giving.” ASB Director Angela Dillman added, “The students of Arcadia High School ASB were elected to represent their fellow students and this gift is the clearest reflection of the values at AHS. “Our students are generous and responsible, and this leadership gift is just that. ASB is taking actions that will have a profound impact on the future of our school.” The Arcadia High School Associated Student Body is comprised of a group of students who are elected to serve as leaders at the high school and in the community. The mission of the Arcadia High School ASB is to build school spirit, promote leadership, and to provide support to all students and staff. “We are truly grateful to these amazing students, and longtime ASB advisor Ned Sutro,” said Arcadia Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Joel Shawn. “Ned had the foresight to guide the students to forego short-term spending in lieu of a much more significant and meaningful gesture. This donation will have a great impact on our entire district for years to come.”

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