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Anime Expo Draws Huge Crowds to Los Angeles Convention Center

By Lucia and Lorena Flores

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Los Angeles – This 4th of July weekend, Mid Valley News and Mid Valley Radio attended the Anime Expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Anime Expo is an annual event put on by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) celebrating Japanese animation, culture and music. The expo featured a number of workshops, panels, and exclusive events where attendees could express and expand their knowledge of the medium which could include ink, chalk and digital medium.

The Main Events included the Anime Music Video Contest, Masquerade, and Battle of the Bands. These main events were a top attraction at the expo as well, providing attendees with an expansive list of entertainment.

The Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest offered participants an outlet of expressing their creativity through editing scenes from their favorite anime and cutting those scenes to music.  Each contestant created a music video, which is subsequently entered into the contest.  Their AMV is then played for the audience and then voted on by the audience. Several of the categories include Drama, Comedy, Action, and Romance. The winners received a special Director’s Chair as a prize.

The Masquerade provided a chance for participants to show off their craftsmanship skills while cosplaying (i.e. dressing up) as their favorite character.  Additionally, contestants also had a chance to show off their acting skills by performing skits while dressed as characters.  There were certificates given out for craftsmanship, Best of Show, and presentation.  Winners received cash prizes and a select few received high-end Sewing and Embroidery Machines courtesy of Pollard’s Sew Creative.

The Battle of the Bands featured several groups (two of which hailed from the Los Angeles area) whose roots ranged from death metal to jazz-fusion.  Each group performed a few songs from their favorite anime and a panel of judges chose winners.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Anime Expo Draws Huge Crowds to Los Angeles Convention Center