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La Primaria’s Folklorico Dance Troupe Performed at the Holiday House

Mark Peters

On December 7th, 2013 a talented group of children from La Primaria Elementary performed at the The Holiday House event at the El Monte Community Center on Tyler.  La Primaria’s Folklorico Dance Troupe performed the traditional Ballet Folklorico under the instruction of Dance Instructor Connie Navarro.  Mrs. Navarro instructs the children in Ballet Folklorico which combines elements of Mexican culture, history, folklore, and religion with rhythm and body movement. The children who performed from La Primaria Elementary ranged from grades 1 through 5 and meet each Thursday to practice.
The boys normally wear black slacks; a black, wide brimmed hat (sombrero); and a red belt and tie. Women traditionally wear full, colorful skirts with either black or white boots. The costumes hint at the heritage of the region.
The girls danced with warm smiles on her their faces while twirling their multicolored skirts round and round while the boys were clicking their boots on the hardwood floor and dancing circles around the senoritas. This is a unique example of ballet folklorico.
Mrs. Navarro has been teaching Ballet Folklorico for 4 years at La Primaria. She is married and has 3 kids who all dance.  As they say a family that dances together stays together. Mrs. Navarro and her husband met while dancing and have been dancing strong for over 20 years together.

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