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The Nixon Presidential Library & Museum

Jo Anne Disney

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The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is located in Yorba Linda, California. Visitors to the library and museum will be pleasantly surprised by the many personal items of both the President and his wife, Pat. The tour begins in the auditorium, which displays “many vintage films, news footage and significant television speeches made by President Nixon.” Then, you can proceed to the permanent galleries, which “were inherited by the federal government in 2007 from the private foundation that used to control the Nixon Library.” These galleries display “images, video and artifacts related to President Nixon’s career, family life and service as president.”
Among the exhibits that visitors have the opportunity to see are an exact replica of the Lincoln Sitting Room in the White House’s family quarters as it looked during the Nixon’s presidency; the 1967 limousine used by Nixon as well as Presidents Johnson and Ford; a replica of the East Room of the White House; items during the space exploration program and the moon landing; and an interactive forum with President Nixon, just to name a few.
However, one of the highlights of a trip to the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is a “chance to step aboard Marine One- the helicopter used by Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford.” The helicopter has been restored and is permanently displayed at the library. This is the same helicopter that carried President Nixon on August 9, 1974, the day that he resigned.
The grounds house the birthplace of President Nixon, who was born on January 9, 1913. The original house was built by his father, Frank Nixon in 1912. Along with his mother Hannah, they lived there until 1922. Records indicate that the property exchanged hands several times. However, “in 1959, the school board and the citizens of Yorba Linda designated the house as a historic site. Then in 1990, it became a part of the private Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace.” The house is open to visitors, but only with a supervised tour. Also on the grounds are beautiful rose gardens and a wonderful variety of outdoor plants and flowers. There is a special section that houses the gravesites of President Nixon and his beloved wife, Pat.
The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is located at 18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard. For more information, call (714) 993-9120.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
The Nixon Presidential Library & Museum