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America the Great

Ashley Lanuza

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When was the last time you were grateful for your country?  The idea of freedom was what founded America all those years ago, and this concept brings us to where we are today. Although a few of our freedoms may be in danger of becoming censored, we should currently focus on what we have right now.
We have amazing rights that we take for granted, such as that of speech and religion. Unfortunately, many of our neighboring countries have been forced to endure extreme suffering in the past. One such case is of a survivor of one of the most terrible events, Andy, who fortunately survived the madness forced upon him. He shared his journey of relentless hope with a young school crowd. Born in Hungary, Andy escaped from the terror of the Holocaust as soon as he could. When he and the people who accompanied him got to the United States, the first thing they saw was the Statute of Liberty. As the people came closer, Andy described the scene as, “That woman holding the torch made those people cry. You see, they cherished it…It has it so we can choose what we want to be, and what schools we go to. You have teachers who WANT to teach you no matter your religion or race.”
Our country has been trying for decades to perfect its tolerance and safety, and we are still at work on it. But for now, as you freely speak, believe, or assemble, remember that there is no other country like the one we live in. As Andy finished his talk, he said, “I’ll tell ya, you Americans take that statue for granted. You should cherish this land because it’s given you all that you have. It’s your greatest gift.”

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
America the Great