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Mural of Brotherhood Unveiled at San Gabriel Mission High School

  • (Photos by Daniel Gonzalez)
  • (Photos by Daniel Gonzalez)
  • (Photos by Daniel Gonzalez)
  • (Photos by Daniel Gonzalez)
  • Artist Roberto Rivera Novoa. (Photos by Daniel Gonzalez)

by JoAnne Disney

 San Gabriel

On May 5, 2014, San Gabriel Mission High School Auditorium was the site of the unveiling of the gift which was “part of the Murals of Brotherhood cultural and educational exchange program through the Benjamin Franklin Center A.C. in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. The program, which is recognized by the United States/Mexico Sister Cities Association, aims to strengthen sister city relationships by highlighting the role and effectiveness visual arts play in affecting social change.”
The beautiful mural was created by artist Roberto Rivera Novoa and his brother, Ernesto Rivera Novoa. The mural depicts “the bond between San Gabriel and Celaya, and was donated through sponsorship by the Benjamin Franklin Language Center. I had the privilege of interviewing the artist, Roberto Novoa. He told me that he began oil painting at the age or 13. Currently, he is an English as a Second Language (ESL) Professor at a polytechnic college in Celaya. This is his 20th year of teaching. Mr. Novoa told me that he feels teaching is rewarding, but painting is more fulfilling because he can create and express his feelings on canvas.
Today, Mr. Novoa has murals on display in many cities, including, Laredo, Texas; San Antonio, Texas, and Fullerton Community College, just to name a few. Mr. Novoa and his wife, Viviana Gamboa are a team. Together they share the dream of helping affect social change and connecting people to people. They believe that the Murals of Brotherhood Program can shape history.
The mural will be placed in the new chapel at San Gabriel Mission High School.

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