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Pasadena City College Astronomy Club Visited El Monte Troop 551

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El Monte Troop 551 has had a remarkable treat over the past few weeks. Mr. Jay Gordon, avid astronomer and Pasadena City College Astronomy Club became the windows to the galaxies for our Troop.

Mr. Gordon presented his two telescopes that he uses for astro-photography and gave a captivating lecture on the inner workings of his telescopes with a presentation of the photos that he has taken.  Mr. Gordon set up his telescopes for the Cub Scouts to view far off objects. Even though the sun was still out the Cubs were able to see the power of the telescopes on distant signs.

The following week after the Pasadena City College Astronomy Club came to complete the astronomy lessons and thus completing the Cub Scouts earning their Astronomy Belt Loops.  Abbygail, Conner, Melissa and Gilberto members of the PCC Astronomy club gave the cubs an in-depth presentation of our solar system, our universe and just how small we really are, the stars, constellations and the phases of the moon.

The Cubs played a game using Oreo’s the depict the 8 phases of the moon and whomever finished first won a pair of TMT Sun Glasses from the Thirty Meter Telescope being built in Mauna Kea.  The Cubs had to eat the inside of the Oreo to the shape of the moon.  Our winners were Diego, Julio and Roman, great job guys!

The club also did a floor design using the Cubs and ropes to show how light moved through a refracting telescope.  As the night progressed the Cubs were able to view through the telescopes to see the star Sirius and Jupiter and its moons.  Many of our Cubs have never looked through a telescope or knew what Astronomy was about, but after the two meetings and many thanks to Mr. Gordon and the PCC Astronomy Club you have given the Cubs from El Monte Troop 551 a life experience that they will not soon forget.  Thank you for all you have done for the kids

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Pasadena City College Astronomy Club Visited El Monte Troop 551