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Los Angeles County District One Supervisorial Race: Campaign Kick Off

Juventino 'J' Gomez and with supporters during his Los Angeles County District 1 Supervisorial Campaign Kick off.

by Luis Alvarado

El Monte –

El Monte City Councilman Juventino “J” Gomez is set to kick off his 2014 election campaign to serve the constituents as Supervisor of the Los Angeles County District 1.

“Our County is not a monarchy and our residents are not subjects to be dictated terms.  In our Districts there will be no coronations.”

“With 38 years experience working in the Los Angeles County government, 10 years as Councilman for the City of El Monte and immediate past President of Independent Cities Association. I am the best in position to sustain County successes and bring innovation for the future of our residents.”

“I have worked with governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and citizen groups to address the challenges they face day to day.  I will fight to continue to serve all of our people by ensuring that they receive all county services.  Under my leadership everyone will be included and welcomed to collaborate and contribute to the success of our county.”

“I truly believe that our district for the first time in 20 years will have a unique opportunity to invest in the selection of a proven leader who understands in the interworking of the county.  We cannot allow special interest free access to your reces, which continue to be depleted, affecting the quality of life for our resident

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