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The City of El Monte Mourns the Loss of a Beloved Athlete

  • Mayor Andre Quintero offering condolences to the Castro family. (Photo by Andrew Bettridge )
  • Adrian Castro (Courtesy photo )
  • (Photo by Devette Johnson)
  • (Photo by Devette Johnson)
  • Memorial at El Monte High School. (Photo by Devette Johnson)
  • Students and the community gather to remember Adrian with a candlelight vigil. (Photos by Andrew Bettridge )
  • Castro family in grief and mourning the loss of Adrian. (Photos by Andrew Bettridge )

by Jo Anne Disney and Staff

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El Monte – The City of El Monte is mourning the loss of El Monte High School Senior, Adrian Castro.  A beautiful memorial was set up in front of the school for people to pay tribute to their friend and classmate.

Adrian was among 10 who were killed in the tragic bus crash on April 10th in Orland, California while he was going to visit Humboldt State University. Adrian wanted to tour the campus to see if he would attend Humboldt or Cal-State, Los Angeles.

According to his father Raul, Adrian wanted to major in kinesiology, the “study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relations to human movement.” His dream one day was to work “in sports rehabilitation or as a personal trainer.”
A vigil to Adrian Castro was held at El Monte High School on April 14th. Thousands of mourners came to pay their respects to the family and share memories of Adrian.

The entire Mission Valley League was represented as his fellow teammates came dressed in uniform and gave tearful and emotional testaments of their beloved friend.

One of the survivors of the crash, Calvin Aceves, told of the heart wrenching final hour of Adrian’s friendship. It seems that some of the students wanted music on the bus, and Adrian offered his music library that was on his phone. So he left his seat in the back of the bus to go up front and plug his phone in so everyone could enjoy the music. This was how Adrian lived his life, sharing the warmth of his smile and making new friends.
El Monte’s Mayor, Andre Quintero, spoke on behalf of the city’s dignitaries, saying that the City Council members were donating their travel funds to the Castro family. Also present was Esthela Torres de Siegrist, Board Vice President of the EMUHSD Board of Trustees.

God Understands
God understands; it is sweet to know when we are tired and when the hand of pain lies on our hearts, and when we look in vain for human comfort, that the Heart Divine still understands those cares of your and mine.

Not only understands, but day by day, lives with us while we tread the earthly way, bears with us all our weariness, and feels the shadow of the faintest cloud that steals across our sunshine, even learns again the depth and bitterness of human pain.

There is no sorrow that He will not share; No cross, no burden for our hearts to bear without His help; no care of ours too small to cast on Jesus; Let us tell Him all, Lay at His Feet the story of our woes, and in His sympathy find sweet repose.
(Author Unknown)

The Mid Valley News offers our prayers and heartfelt condolences to the Castro family and to all of the families that were affected by this tragic event. If you would like to help with funeral expenses for Adrian, donations can be made to: funds/164305.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
The City of El Monte Mourns the Loss of a Beloved Athlete