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TCUSD’s 2014 Golden Apple Award Winner: Frank Escudero

by Lynne Burkardt

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Temple City Unified School District administrators are proud to announce Frank Escudero has received the 2014 Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Golden Apple Award.
Frank and his wife Julie are both long-time Temple City schools volunteers.  Since 2001, Frank has taken the opportunity to volunteer and help whenever and wherever needed and has been involved in PTA in Temple City at all levels from the time his daughter, Cejae, was a student at Longden Elementary School.  Frank wanted to be part of her education and thought what better way than join the PTA and help out with school activities.  While Cejae was at Longden, Frank helped to create a sports activities program for the after school program which is still in use today, assisted with his daughter’s Girl Scouts Troop, and volunteered every year for the Longden Olympics.
When Cejae moved on to Oak, Frank chaperoned band activities and class field trips.  He and Julie even chaperoned a trip to Sacramento/San Francisco with the band.  When no one else was able to run the Oak Ave PTA snack bar, Frank took over.  He paid careful attention to the kids and provided snack items they liked best.  He continues to volunteer at Oak whenever called on by teachers to help set up different activities, including Field Days.
When Cejae moved to Temple City High School, Frank was one of the “Pride of Temple City” Band Boosters.  He drove one of the large equipment trailers to field competitions and parades all over the State.  These events were usually long and tiring but Frank always had a smile and his good sense of humor.  While serving on PTA at the High School, Frank held multiple positions including Council PTA Volunteer Coordinator.  This position was responsible for the TCHS Snack Bar at the Friday night football games.  Frank still holds that position to this day.  Every volunteer will tell you he makes working in the snack bar fun!  Another way Frank serves the school is he is part of the amazing Grad Nite crew that helps set up a safe atmosphere on campus on graduation night for seniors.  Frank has been the Grad Nite electrician for a number of years.  Six years after his daughter’s graduation from high school, Frank is still volunteering.  Not only is Frank a dedicated volunteer, he also creates a fun atmosphere for those around him.  He shows his appreciation to volunteers by commending their service at PTA meetings.  If you need something done, Frank is always willing to lend a hand.  Frank’s outstanding service to the youth in our community is admirable!  He believes that volunteering is good for the soul, it keeps you on your toes and your blood pressure high . . . but it also makes you a better citizen.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
TCUSD’s 2014 Golden Apple Award Winner: Frank Escudero