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Promoting Early Childhood Education

by Primo Castro


Assemblymember Roger Hernández (D – West Covina) announced today the introduction of Assembly Bill 2544.  AB 2544 establishes a preschool funding grant for disadvantaged children in California’s public and charter schools.
“All children in California deserve a quality education, regardless of their economic status.  It is imperative to provide a world-class education in an ever-changing environment.  That is why California must take the lead on providing transitional kindergarten to those who need it most,” stated Hernández.
According to a study released by the Campaign for College Opportunity, California ranks first in the country in the number of working low-income families.  More than a third of California’s working families are considered low income, earning less than $45,397 a year for a family of four.  California’s widening economic gap will impact the future of our state.  The criteria to be used for allocating support to children will be based on the Local Control Funding Formula.  Studies demonstrate that disadvantaged children struggle in academia and achievement gaps exist when compared with their peers in standardized test scores.

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