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New Hope Church Welcomes The African Children’s Choir

  • (Photos by Glen Maldonado)

by Brad Healy

El Monte

On February 23, 2014, a Sunday sunny morning day grew even brighter as a special treat of joyful sounds filled the air at the Hope Community Church in El Monte. Everybody clapped hands as the sounds of praise and drums came together as the talented African Children’s Choir gave a performance to remember. This is the second time that Hope Community Church has had the pleasure of hosting these talented performers. These young adults have had the pleasure of performing for heads of state, and many famous musicians over the 28 years. The (MFL) has helped over 52,000 children and has impacted many hundreds of thousands of lives.
With a 28 year history of music, the Music for Life Institute (MFLI) has given many students from Africa the opportunity to pursue college educations that normally would not be made available otherwise. Performing throughout the world allows them to share their beliefs, customs, and traditions through their music. These performances do not come easily as with each performance a free-will offering is held after the wonderful entertaining.
What was so impressive was the joy and smiles on each child as they performed which really showed how happy they were to perform for all of us and share with exceeding joy. May they leave with many blessings and forever change lives along the way.

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