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Arroyo Student Elected to Serve With Board of Trustees

by Anne Donofrio-Holter

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El Monte

Arroyo High School student Courtney Nguyen has been elected by the El Monte Union High School District Student Advisory Council as the first student trustee to serve with the District’s Board of Trustees.  The Board believes “that engaging the student body and seeking its input and feedback regarding the District’s educational programs and activities are vital to achieving the District’s mission of educating District students.”
Nguyen, a member of the District’s Student Advisory Council, was selected by a vote of fellow Council members.  After delivering a prepared speech, each candidate then provided a written statement and answered questions from other Council members.   Each school site has four student representatives (one for each grade level) on the Council, with the exception of Ledesma High School, which has two.
As student trustee, Nguyen is seated with other Board members, is recognized at Board meetings as a full member, receives all Board materials, with the exception of closed session items, and can participate in discussing issues.  She may make motions that may be acted upon by the Board, except on matters dealing with employer-employee relations.  While the student trustee is given an advisory vote, the vote shall not be included in determining the vote required to carry any measure before the Board.
Nguyen hopes to fulfill the board’s vision of student trustee and “do a good job of what they have in mind.”
“I know it’s difficult, but I hope I can serve the other schools as if they were my own,” she added.”
“I am very excited about working with the Student Advisory Council and our new student trustee, Courtney Nguyen, who represents them,” said Superintendent Nick Salerno.  “I am impressed with the caliber and enthusiasm of the students who are serving on the Council and their willingness and passion to help improve our school district and community.”

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Arroyo Student Elected to Serve With Board of Trustees