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Eugene R. Webb

Wegener’s Granulomatosis (WG) is a disease;
Auto-immune vasculitis makes you ill at ease.
So uncommon, most people don’t know about it;
It can strike a person who is physically fit.
It’s a chronic disease that use to take a life;
It was June 2001 when  they diagnosed my wife.
She was 11 days in the hospital in Baldwin Park;
A lot of those days we were still in the dark.
Not contagious nor hereditary, cause unknown;
This disease makes you feel like you are alone.
WG is really scary as we watched it unfold;
My wife is doing well, as she does as she is told.
She takes antibiotics and steroids in a pill;
We are thankful to God for she doesn’t feel ill.
And grateful to wonderful doctors who care;
About WG, they take their time to share.
This is one disease that’s hard to recognize;
And it came to us as a real big surprise.
So we know my wife is fortunate to be alive;
With Kaiser’s Doctors and God she’ll survive.

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