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San Gabriel Addresses Local Street Maintenance

City of San Gabriel

The Capital Improvement Program is an annual program that will reconstruct and maintain streets and alleys as identified through field investigations and the City’s Pavement Management Program. The Local Street Rehabilitation and Local Street Maintenance Projects (CIP 1-08-34 and 1-08-35, respectively) have been merged into the “Great Streets Program.” Funding from several lower priority projects have been reallocated to this program in order to fill a large funding gap in fiscal year 2011-12 to ensure that resources are available to complete much needed street maintenance and rehabilitation work. Funding will need to be identified in future years to continue the progress toward street preservation at the funding levels recommended in the 2010 Pavement Management Report. Staff will continue to seek federal and regional funding opportunities; however such funding is scarce and often not eligible for use in pavement rehabilitation projects.

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