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Valley Vista Services and Renaissance Corp. Shower Magnolia Learning Center Students with Gifts

Students enjoyed riding on a huge float, decorated by Valley Vista Services. The outpouring of kindness to the students included gifts, treats and lunch. The boys were thrilled with remote control cars and the girls enjoyed receiving make-up kits. New Van’s tennis shoes were purchased for all the students and they will receive them as they complete their behavioral goals.

by Michele Earle

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El Monte

Giving back to the community and putting smiles on children’s faces is exactly what Valley Vista Services and Renaissance Corp. did as they set out to bring joy to the students at Mountain View School District’s Magnolia Learning Center (MLC).
For the second year in a row, the two organizations have provided a wonderful outpouring of kindness for MLC’s students.
“We want the kids to feel special,” said Alicia Escalera, director of municipal services at Valley Vista.  “It’s all about them and we are so happy to be able to present them with gifts and treats for the holidays.”
The special day featured a ride aboard a huge Santa’s sleigh, a float Valley Vista Services built for the  City of La Puente Christmas Parade, gifts, stockings and a pizza lunch.
“I am so happy to be a part of this great day,” said Oliver Mojica, president of Renaissance Corp. in Pasadena.  “We started last year and I wanted to continue to do more for the kids here at MLC so we got some other sponsors and we were able to provide them with some great gifts.”IMG_2960
The students were excited to receive their presents which included remote control cars for the boys, make up kits for the girls and specially designed MLC sweatshirts, as well as stockings full of goodies.
“We hope to continue this tradition each year and make it bigger and better,” said Dave Perry, president of Valley Vista Services.  Alicia and Oliver do a great job coordinating the event and I’m happy to be a part of it.”
MLC’s staff members were so happy for the kids and enjoyed all the excitement as well.
“We are so thankful to Valley Vista and Renaissance Corp. for this unbelievably, joyous day for our students,” said Sharon Durall, teacher.  “For our students to see how much these people love and care about them is huge.  It encourages them to go farther, reach for their dreams and accomplish great things.  We are truly blessed.”IMG_2973
An additional gift of brand new Van’s tennis shoes was presented to four students who completed their behavioral contract goals.  A pair of Van’s tennis shoes awaits each MLC student and will be given to them as they complete their contract.
When students get to MLC they set up individualized behavior goals and come up with strategies to reach their goals in a three week period.  If they step out of line they must start over with their three week goal.  According Terri Thomas, MLC administrator, the gift of the Van’s shoes is a great incentive for students to work hard at their goals and complete them.
“The four students receiving the tennis shoes have done a great job completing their goals and I know each of our students will work hard to complete their goals too and we can’t wait to present you with your shoes.  We are so grateful to Alicia, Dave and Oliver and everyone who contributes to this wonderful event.  It truly does make a difference to our students and we appreciate all the efforts more than you will ever know.”IMG_2987
The excitement was infectious as students unwrapped their gifts and delighted in the kindness shown to them.
“It is so nice of the companies to do this for us,” said Ximena Rodriguez, 8th grader.  “I love my new shoes, the color is perfect and the make-up kit is great too.  They really made our holidays awesome.”
The outreach certainly succeeded in bringing smiles to the kids’ faces, and both Valley Vista and Renaissance Corp. look forward to doing it again next year.
“Remember to work hard, stay focused and listen to your teachers,” said Mojica.  “Each of you are capable of achieving great things and we are all here for you, encouraging you and wanting what’s best for you and look forward to hearing about all your accomplishments.”
Mountain View School District superintendent, Lillian Maldonado French thanked Valley Vista and Renaissance Corp. for all they have done for MLC’s students and families.
“MLC is a special place, it has a little piece of all of our schools, and by being here supporting MLC, you support all of our District schools and we thank you for that,” said French.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Valley Vista Services and Renaissance Corp. Shower Magnolia Learning Center Students with Gifts