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Madrid Middle School Woodshop Receives Donated Wood

by Michele Earle

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El Monte

Wood working is alive and well at Madrid Middle School in the Mountain View School District, as students hone their skills in John Wynn’s Woodshop classes.
Creating a variety of projects throughout the year, students go through a lot of material, and the past years budget cuts have put a crimp in the school’s ability to purchase needed materials for the class.
Thanks to a generous donation from Erik Nakamura, owner of Giant Robot in Santa Monica, a Little Osaka based store, magazine and art gallery, featuring Asian and Asian American popular culture, Madrid’s woodshop students are able to continue to create projects.
Wynn is a fan of Nakamura’s Giant Robot shop and artwork, and Nakamura is an advocate for vocational art and developing creativity in students.  Nakamura’s father is in the construction industry and wanted to support the woodshop students.  Realizing that woodshops are a rare find in today’s schools, he happily collected scrap materials from his job site and donated the lumber to Wynn’s woodshop class.
“I was very happy to receive the call from Erik stating that he and his Dad wanted to donate the wood to my class,” said Wynn.  “It’s really nice wood and the students will be able to create a lot of things from it.”
The donations will continue throughout the school year, as Nakamura and his father continue to gather scrap materials from job sites for use in Wynn’s classes.
“It was really cool that we got the donation of wood,” said Carlos, an 8th grader who is building a wooden skateboard in class.
“We will use the donated wood to make individual projects in class,” said Wynn.  “Students can make a variety of things like name plaques, walking toys, jewelry boxes, and even dog houses.”
The 7th and 8th graders in the woodshop classes learn to use the scroll saw, drill press, planer, buffer, grinder, disk sander and other woodworking tools to create their projects.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Madrid Middle School Woodshop Receives Donated Wood