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Mountain View School District Annual Menudo Breakfast

by Mark Peters

El Monte

The La Primaria Folklorico Dance Troupe performed at the Annual Menudo Breakfast hosted by the Mountain View School District on December 14, 2013.  The Folklorico Dance Troupe danced to three songs which included one song where the young boys place their sombreros on the ground and dance around in circles with the senoritas.  This is one of the best known dances called “La Costilla,” in which the dancers move flirtatiously around a sombrero.  This dance is dedicated to the old cattle drivers who moved the cattle from one village to another over the stone-paved streets.  This dance is one of the most representative dances of the Michoacán region to express the glorious past and pride of these indigenous peoples who were never conquered during the period of colonization. Mrs. Connie Navarro has done a phenomenal job of training these young dancers, ensuring the heritage is alive and well.  The costumes for the senoritas from this region feature multi-colored dresses adorned with ribbons and lace. The young boy’s traditional outfit is that of the charro, which is usually decorated in gold or silver trim with a red waist and neck sash. The young boys would always wear their sombreros.  Mrs. Navarro instructs her La Primaria Folklorico Dance Troupe on Thursdays at La Primaria Elementary school.

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