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Joe Castillo

Upcoming San Gabriel Events…    New initiatives are being planned for San Gabriel in 2014. Thanks to a grant from the Southern California Association of Governments, the San Gabriel City Council will consider a new ‘green’ code for the city.  In January and February meetings, the council will review presentations to consider the use of more environmentally safe uses of the land. Among potential ‘green’ projects will be the use of more drought-tolerant landscaping and lawns, pervious driveways, smaller rear yards for multi-family zones, larger patio areas for housing development projects, parking lot landscaping, more bicycle racks, landscaping on parking structures, ‘green’ roofs on housing, community gardens and farmers markets, ground and roof solar panels and standards for keeping hens and chickens. Going green is good, especially for the environment, but let’s be honest. In San Gabriel, the environment and ‘green’ has never been a priority. Look at the growth of new retail centers along Valley and San Gabriel Boulevards, and Las Tunas Drive.  I don’t see much green in these developments, only more concrete and compaction. Plus I’m not sure who would go bike riding in a city with no bike trails and a large volume of traffic moving over city streets. Also, developers want to make as much money as possible on development projects. Any additional costs associated with landscaping, larger patios and more open space only reduces their ability to create more units and make more money. But here’ the million dollar question, in a City Without a Plan, how is it possible to obtain a grant before city council votes on whether to go green or not? It’s just another example of poor planning in a city which is clueless…. Trees… More trees are coming to San Gabriel to replace the ones lost in windstorms over 2 years ago. The City is working with Amigos de los Rios to complete the project. The Amigos group will work with youth conservation groups and other volunteers to spearhead the plantings. In January, 130 trees will be planted along Valley Boulevard between San Gabriel Boulevard and Del Mar Avenues. In February, 40 trees will be planted in northwest San Gabriel. Volunteers are being sought; contact Park Supervisor John Gonzalez at 626.308.2878 or for more information. …. Winners …. Congratulations to the four winners of the 15th annual holiday decoration contest. The addresses of the winners are 237 W. Broadway, 837 E. Olivos, 729 Anderson Way and 916 Euclid Avenue. A certificate and visit from Santa were received by each winner. It’s really great to see so many houses decorated for the holiday season putting everyone who views them in a joyous spirit ….

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