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Special RKC Kiwanicle Bulletin

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To our RFK (Rosemead Family of Kiwanis) members and friends:
We have been asked to notice our members and friends regarding the following items:
• Upcoming RKC meetings
• Kiwanis International President’s Dinner
• RKC Album Project
• Mid-year Kiwanis Conference
Upcoming RKC Meetings – As previously announced there will be no more Rosemead Kiwanis luncheon or satellite meetings during 2013. The focus now is on the Rose Float project and International President’s visit.  However, there will be five luncheon meetings and a satellite meeting in January.  Details on these are being finalized and will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Kiwanicle.
Kiwanis International President’s Dinner – Reservations for the previously announced President’s dinner (see the flyer on the Rosemead Kiwanis Website which is available by clicking here) must be in to Craig Wallace by December 23, 2013.  His email address is
RKC Album Project –the RKC album project, authorized by the RKC Board in November, is designed to help our nearly forty Rosemead Kiwanians get to know one another better.  Elizabeth Landing, designated to spearhead the project, has procured the needed supplies. Single pasge questionnaires were distributed a month ago; however, only a few have been returned.  A copy of the questionnaire has been posted to the RKC website, here.  It would be appreciated if members would fill out and return this questionnaire to avoid the time consuming task of soliciting them individually.
Mid-year Kiwanis Conference – The Southern California Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis District Mid Year Conference will be held adjacent to Disneyland on Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1, 2014.  A four page brochure, found here on the Rosemead Kiwanis website, has been assembled from the Cal-Nev-Ha website. Special features include:
• First ever Key Leader program for Kiwanians (previous editions have been for Builders and Key Club members only)
• Three morning and afternoon TraK sessions, each with five topics each (details in brochure)
The Mid Year Conference is intended to educate Kiwanians in what Kiwanis is truly all about – it is much more than just fund raising and projects.  We are truly about “changing the world – one child and one community at a time.”  Along the way we grow and change ourselves; facilitating this is the point of holding locally available meetings such as this – with a low and affordable registration fee.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Special RKC Kiwanicle Bulletin