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Student’s Corner: Movember

Tyler Anderson

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Movember. It looks like a typo, but it’s not. November is the month that is dedicated to awareness of men’s health issues. Take the M from men and replace the N in November, and vuola! Movember! This month highlights risks to men’s health like prostate and testicular cancers.
My school, San Gabriel Mission High School, is an all-girls school but we took a stand for men’s health awareness anyway. You might ask yourself, “What would an all-girls school be doing learning about men’s health issues?” Initially, I thought the same. Then, I realized, I have a lot of important men in my life. We all do. They are fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons, uncles, friends, co-workers, and teachers. And so, it’s my part of my Christian tradition to be not just my sister’s keeper, but my brother’s as well.
Women have a good sense of how to take care of themselves and know when something’s wrong. Men might need some reminders occasionally. As a young woman with so many men I care about, maybe I can say something or relay information. Who knows, what I say just might make the difference between him going to see a doctor and living… or not. That’s why Movember is important to me.
On November 21st, the student body had a chance to make a difference. Each student could wear a black shirt, jeans, and mustache for a dollar donation. One of my teachers, Mr. Longo, belongs to a Movember fundraising team. We donated the money in his name to help spread men’s health awareness.
For more information about men’s health issues go to You can donate there, too!

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Student’s Corner: Movember