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A Community Comes Together

by Brad Healy

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El Monte

What a blessing to find a community like El Monte and South El Monte come together to help those in need. This all happened on November 16, 2013 on the football field and track of El Monte High School. The event that took place was the first Walk for a Cause. The Emergency Resource Association and the Girls and Boys Club of America are where the donations were desperately needed for this holiday season.
This event took place as a gathering of a community inspired by the pastor, Gil De La Rosa of New Hope Community Church. His passion to change lives, simply by providing the basics necessities we all sometimes take for granted, proved an overwhelming success. Some of those essentials are clothing, food, children’s glasses and maybe just a helping hand to reach out to those families and individuals going through some very rough times. Many families walked while some cheered. Others enjoyed some of the many vendors that were there along with businesses that provided helpful information.
What made this event so special were the testimonials of individuals that explained how the Emergency Resource Association
( ERA ) has helped them survive through very difficult times.  It was very emotional and heartfelt by all in attendance.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
A Community Comes Together