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Celebrating Veterans Day with a WWII Vet

by Jo Anne Disney

El Monte

We honor veteran and long-time El Monte resident, 95 year old Kenneth Renteria. Mr. Renteria served in the Army in WWII. Sergeant Renteria was in the 6th Armored Division, along with the 15th Tank Battalion, which was led by General George S. Patton during the Battle of the Bulge. WWII VetenranThis battle was the most intense for Mr. Renteria as there were many causalities and he lost a number of friends. He explained during the battle, the winter was very severe and he walked in snow constantly.  He suffered from frostbite and he lost circulation in his fingers and his feet turned black. Mr. Renteria still experiences numbness at times, but he expressed how grateful he was not to lose his feet. Looking back, he knows he was lucky to survive. Currently, he cares for his wife, who was placed in a nursing home with dementia. He visits her daily at lunch time. We salute Kenneth Renteria.

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