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Elizabeth “Beth” Rivas for El Monte City School District

Elizabeth “Beth” Rivas is currently on the board of the El Monte City School District. Beth has experience in our district which the board needs as we approach major changes in education.  She grew up in our district, attending district schools from kindergarten through 8th grade then Arroyo High School. Beth works as a university math professor. She is the mother of four children that attend school in the district.

Beth’s top two objectives as a board member are directly related to changes that are coming our way from the State.

First, our district, along with every district across the California, is preparing for a radical shift in teaching with the adoption of Common Core State Standards. Beth will advocate for the selection of quality materials as we prepare for Common Core. Teachers and parents should be involved in the selection process, and materials should be selected because they are known to be effective.

Second, our district has the wonderful opportunity to rebuild after a long recession, thanks to Local Control Funding that will be coming from the state.  As we enter into this season of recovery, Beth will advocate for changes that benefit the kids’ education: smaller class sizes, the restoration of a district-wide music program, and the recruiting and retention of the best teachers.

“I am here for the kids. I am a parent who cares, an educator, and a board member with the experience required to meet these changes in education.” Please vote for Elizabeth “Beth” Rivas for El Monte City School District.

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