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Norma Macias, Re-elected El Monte City Councilwoman

FROM EL MONTE Norma Macias was born and raised in El Monte and is a graduate of Arroyo High School.

EXPERIENCED AND PREPARED TO LEAD Norma earned her degree from Catholic University in Washington D.C.  She is a project manager with extensive knowledge in city budgets and planning and served as a member and the Chair of the City’s Planning Commission.

WORKING FOR EL MONTE FAMILIES Putting her education and experience to work for us on the City Council, Norma has fought to ensure residents receive the services they deserve, a safer community, and to maintain fiscal accountability at City Hall.

FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY Norma believes public servants should lead by example.  That’s why she doesn’t drive a city car and she doesn’t accept money when she travels on behalf of the city.

THE NEXT FOUR YEARS If re-elected Norma will continue to fight for a better El Monte by working to attract job-creating businesses, better opportunities for local residents, and an even more vibrant city.

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