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Student’s Corner: Charlotte Eriksson: A Glass Child

Ashley Lanuza, contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

Charlotte Eriksson, pseudonym “a Glass Child,” is a Swedish singer/songwriter living in the rich lights of London, England.  The once-poster girl of “perfect daughter,” Charlotte let go of the society-expected life at the age of ten, when she started to question, well, everything. In her debut book, Empty Roads and Broken Bottles: In Search for the Great Perhaps, she relates, “I was a daughter to be proud of, until I turned ten and realized that this way of living doesn’t make sense. I started to question, read about other places, other worlds, how other people lived….” Her youth was spent looking for answers, and after high school, she went for a “one-way plane ticket to London, hoping to never come back again.” After a while, Charlotte came to believe that her primary extinct to survive in this world is to live alone. Cut from family, friends, and a home, it seems better to not let anyone or anything hold you back from your dreams. So, she hit the road, hoping to find something more. Then, another revelation dawned on the singer. After a time off from performing and interviewing, the Glass Child understood that people and society are as amazing and hypnotizing as music and solitude.

I first found Charlotte on the social media site Twitter. At a younger age, I listened to her music, but didn’t fully grasp her emotions or intensity. Three years later, after a few trials and tribulations of my own, I feel that I can understand her music and lyrics a little bit more fully. Charlotte’s voice is raw, guilty, loving, sad, reminiscent, and everything else in between. Furthermore, her book is an amazing anecdote of her life (so far) as the Glass Child. It always baffles me that she can survive with only the comfort of her guitar, her music, and the hospitality of strangers. I don’t think there are many people who can find the courage within them to venture into such a feat, especially in this dangerous society such as ours. Eriksson is a brave woman, adamant in her belief to be a better version of herself. A lot of people think that they are already the best form of themselves, but most of them are probably wrong. Every day, we continue to grow, to learn, to accept and to understand. Our own expectations of ourselves cease to exist when we finally understand that we can still be so much more. Take the time to listen to Charlotte Eriksson, a.k.a. the Glass Child, on or on the music player Spotify. Also, be sure to take the time to read her debut book Empty Roads and Broken Bottles: In Search for the Great Perhaps, available on e-book on Amazon or a physical copy on! I promise that her book will change your perspective on life, heroes, and that homeless person you see on the corner of the street. But if somehow you cannot get your hands on a copy of her book, keep in mind one of Charlotte’s personal philosophies: “I believe in knowing who you are but without limiting yourself to your own expectations of who you are.”

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