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Esthela Torres de Siegrist, Candidate El Monte Union High School District Board of Governors 2013

Esthela Torres de Siegrist, MA Education/MA Spanish Linguistics/ABD Spanish Linguistics

 Candidate El Monte Union High School District Board of Governors 2013

  • I bring 30+years of successful first-hand teaching and leadership expertise in high schools and colleges.  My MA in Education provided me mastery of teaching methodologies, strategies, evaluation, school finance, legislation, and school law.  In a myriad of local clubs, I have led as President, Dean, etc.  My multicultural/multilingual abilities can be a great asset.
  • Unresolved challenges:
  1. Five of six high schools are in Program Improvement.
  2. Declining enrollment and future funding cuts.
  3. District staff disharmony.
  4. Our 112-year-old high school district lacks its own proprietary, district-controlled/directed foundation+alumnae organization.
  5. Meaningful parent/family/student/local-area business involvement.
  6. Conducting curriculum audits.
  7. Lack of effective, meaningful and ongoing collaboration with our feeder schools.
  8. Preventing bullying:  physical, mental and cyber.
  • I have the knowledge, integrity, training, experience, and dedication to do the job well.  I seek to ensure that our students have the same opportunity/resources to succeed like my own three children did in our district.  Our students deserve the best.
  • As a team player and good listener, I will strive to make major improvements in the education we provide to our students and to:
  1. End Program Improvement status.
  2. Ensure transparency and wise, frugal fiscal policies.
  3. Work diligently to create harmonious conditions for staff.
  4. Demand accountability of our staff and students.
  5. Secure financial stability.

Dramatically increase family inclusion.

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