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Margaret and Eugene Mushinskie Celebrate 65th Wedding Anniversary

by Kathy Mushinskie

Temple City

On August 31st, my four brothers and I planned a party to celebrate my parent’s 65th wedding anniversary (which is September 4).  It was by far the hottest day of the year, but we all survived and had a wonderful time.  My parents, dad is 86, mom is 85, were surprised that morning at 10:00 when I showed up and told them that the families were coming for a party at their house.  They were confused and not sure what I was talking about, but an hour later the guests started arriving.

My family have been in Temple City for over 50 years and I am the only one still local now.  But we all love coming home and being together. Tough to pull it off, but this was a special occasion to celebrate 65 years.  For the past three years one or the other of my parents was in the hospital on their anniversary, so I decided to rally the troupes this year.

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