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Ken Bell, Duarte Unified School Board

He is a 36 year veteran of law enforcement having worked 21 years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department before transferring to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation. He has 25 years of experience working in all aspects of juvenile street gangs. After a long and distinguished career, Ken Bell retired from the District Attorney’s Office, “Hard Core Gang Unit”.

Ken has a particular passion for our youth and using his career skills and expertise, was able to take those skills and instituted a mentor program to enhance campus safety.

He has taught a class entitled “Student and the Law” at LA Unified and Centinella Valley school districts for thirteen years.  He is presently a faculty member of UC Davis, Golden West College and St Petersburg College.

The one area that I believe Duarte Unified faces is declining enrollment. Many schools in the San Gabriel Valley face the same problem, due largely to the movement to the San Bernardino and Riverside counties, looking for cheaper and newer homes.

I believe my experience and leadership is crucial at this time, we just had a long time board member resign due to job relocation and another board member with just a year and a half experience.

There have been 6 superintendents to serve during my tenure as a board member and I have worked with them all. I know what good leadership is and what it is not. My skill level is important to help keep Duarte Unified strong

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