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Vandals Strike Savannah Memorial Park

Janice Wiggins White

Sometime around Labor Day vandals went into Savannah Memorial Park and stole the main Back Flow valve, leaving the cemetery without any water supple to its grounds.  With this heat, the grass and trees really showed the results of “lack of water”.
The City of Rosemead found us a valve to replace the one that was stolen and it will cost approx. $300.  They have also been going to the cemetery to water the trees since the water has been turned off.
At a meeting in August,  Rosemead City Council voted 5-0 to loan the Cemetery funds to replace the driveway.  That work was done on Sept.18th & 19th and does look great.
We would like to thank the city for all of it’s help during this difficult time.  Donations are greatly needed and appreciated.  Send to:  Savannah Memorial Park, P.O. 4247, El Monte, 91734.  For more information, call Janice Wiggins White 9626-443-8325)

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