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Watch Out for Walkers!

Yesenia Melgar

The Walking Dead returns to AMC! It returns this October on the 13th! From the trailer it looks to be another great season. Rick seems to be stable again, Daryl is still awesome, and Carl has matured. If you haven’t seen all the seasons I suggest you sign in to Netflix and spend your weekends with a Walking Dead marathon, because you need to catch up and become addicted.
The trailer left so much unanswered and made me want to watch all the seasons over again. Why have they suddenly become so organized? Who let the walkers into the prison? Are Daryl and Carol ever going to get together? AMC sure knows how to leave you on the edge of your seat. Nevertheless we shall soon be enjoying The Walking Dead once again and all our questions shall be answered. Also, Universal Studios claims to be doing a theme on this TV show; once again for the famous Halloween Horror Nights. Let’s hope it’s as good as it claims!

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