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California Retired Teachers’ Association Legislative Advocate to Address Retired Teachers

Patricia Dietrich

Retired teachers in the California Retired Teachers’ Association #71 (CalRTA-SGV) are eagerly awaiting a legislative update from Legislative Advocate David L. Walrath, Sacramento.
Walrath will particularly deal with the issues of Social Security Fairness and the unfunded obligation (also called unfunded liability).  These two issues dramatically impact current and future retirees.
Walrath will explain more about the recent Social Security Fairness Act and how it   hopes to rectify the unfairness of current legislation that denies earned and paid-for Social Security Benefits to California educators and their spouses.  Walrath will tell how retired educators can support the Social Security Fairness Act.  Another issue that Walrath will discuss is the CalSTRS unfunded obligation.   He will emphasize the importance of involving retired teachers in urging the governor and our legislators to address the funding issue before the unfunded obligation puts current and future retirees’ nonvested benefits at risk.
Retired teachers and guests can hear David Walrath speak at the Friday, October 11, luncheon meeting of CalRTA #71.  The meeting will take place at the Senior Center Building in Arcadia Park, 405 W. Santa Anita Avenue, Arcadia, next to the Lawn Bowling Greens.  Ample parking is available.  The cost of the luncheon for members and guests is $10.  This year, members have the opportunity to purchase season tickets in advance for $45 to cover all five luncheon meetings.  This is a one-time only offer and must be paid for by the October 4 deadline.  For reservation information, please call John Gera at (626) 286-0714.
Membership in the California Retired Teachers’ Association is open to all retired educators, as well as to any others interested in joining this active group.

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