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Wal-Mart Environmental Impact On the City of El Monte

by Brad Healy

El Monte

On September 5, 2013 the El Monte Community Center Grace Black Auditorium held a “scoping session” for all residents to give their feelings about what environmental issues the new proposed Wal-Mart on Arden Drive in El Monte would create.

There were a variety of concerns that were raised including Traffic, noise, lost wages from other nearby cities of Wal-Marts, water runoff, and old material left from factories of old. Many employees of nearby Wal –Marts were greatly concerned that with Wal-Mart employees already working on part time hours, that more layoffs or cut hours would be eminent if another Wal-Mart were build in the El Monte area. Many ex-Wal -Mart employees felt that nearby businesses in El Monte would lose more business and force them to close their doors.

The city of El Monte feels that there are more benefits to the new proposed Wal-Mart than without one. The El Monte Environmental impact meeting gave good arguments on both sides but the city of El Monte felt that the number of jobs and taxes generated would give El Monte desperately needed funds for the city. Many environmental projects for the new proposed Wal-Mart have to be evaluated but with many meetings to come and deep rooted concerns for the El Monte residents, the future environmental report will hopefully show many benefits for all concerned.

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