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M.C. Gill Corporation Supports Boy Scouts

  • (Photo by Sean Armstrong)
  • (Photo by Sean Armstrong)

By Sean Armstrong

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El Monte –

On Wednesday, Aug. 14, the M.C. Gill Corporation presented a $25,000 check to Boy Scouts of America, San Gabriel Valley Council in support of their Composites Material Merit Badge.

The Composites Material Merit Badge has been earned by over 1500 youth locally. Most recently, 114 completed the class at the San Gabriel Valley Council Scout Expo held on June 1 at the Santa Anita Race Track.

San Gabriel Valley Council’s Scout Executive and CEO, Marcus E. Mack, believes that the Badge helps scouts gain an awareness of important career fields.

“It’s quite an extensive Merit Badge and that’s why we incorporated this into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,” he says, “because it has so many of those same qualities that have to be thought about and mixed and produced.”

In order to earn the Badge, participants must first learn about health and safety procedures as well as environmental responsibility and awareness. The scouts must then research composite materials and how they are made. Then, with their parent’s permission and counselor’s approval, they must complete two hands-on projects. The last step includes researching career opportunities in in composite materials.

Composites are made by combining a fibrous reinforcement and resin together.

They can be found in a wide variety of applications including recreational products such as surf boards, aircraft interiors, and automotive parts.

The M.C. Gill Corporation, located in El Monte, develops and manufactures high performance composite products that primarily serve the commercial aircraft and aerospace industries.

According to Irv Freund, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for M.C. Gill, “composites are important because they make structures light-weight, thereby improving their fuel efficiency.”

The Corporation has been a strong supporter of the Composites Material Merit Badge since 2005.

In addition to its generous donations over the years, the M.C. Gill Corporation has helped establish the curriculum for the study of composites as part of the Merit Badge.

Stephen Gill, CEO and Chairman of M.C. Gill, stated “We’ve been supporting this badge since its initiation, and we believe in the badge, we believe in the boy scouts, and we wanted to participate and get a badge representing our industry in the Boy Scout repertoire.”

The funds donated will be used for supplies, programs, scholarships to obtain the badge, part-time staff, as well as national and local promotions.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
M.C. Gill Corporation Supports Boy Scouts