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El Monte Plaza Grand Opening

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El Monte –

Los Angeles famous entrepreneur Mr. Robert Chiu, his PACAIR company is known for its quality kitchen products over the years, 20 years of development, and his successful extension into banking and real estate.

Located in the city of El Monte, the El Monte Plaza held its grand opening on August 9, 2013. Inside the square are various restaurants, including pastry-tasting gourmet – The Taiwanese AhGood cuisine, authentic Shanghai cuisine- Shanghai kitchen, and the BB Garden, as well as insurance companies, travel agencies, dentists, Chinese herbalists, supermarkets and other retail services.

CEO Mr. Robert Chiu expressed that the United States housing market, compared with some other countries, is going towards an upward trend.  One of the most important reasons is that the United States economy has a freedom society, any transaction can be performed between the buyer and seller agreement. Being together with the United States real estate market at the international level has always been valuable, mainly because the United States’ government policy is very stable and will not change abruptly.

Mr. Chiu said that the current real estate prices remain reasonable, while the United States housing market provides an opportunity for the global investors to diversify risk.   Since the US dollar has been weak in recent years, it helps to attract a large number of foreign investors entering the United States housing market, which creates a great outlook for the real estate market.

With Mr. Chiu’s recent business expansion, the PACAIR’s focus is that its main products never change.  The professional range hood design team has invested millions of dollars to invent the best kitchen products.  PACAIR is now the leading brand in the range hood market; it has just recently launched one of its newest models – the Royal Series that offers both elegance and superior performance combined.

Mr. Robert Chiu has made remarkable achievements in a short time. His rapid expansion and diversification to different businesses, good asset qualities, and sound judgment are all important elements of Mr. Chiu’s successful theory. Despite the current economic downturn, PACAIR remains to be strong and outstanding; this is also true for Mr. Chiu’s American Plus Bank.  American Plus Bank N.A. has recently been named a FIVE STAR BANK by The Bauer Financial.

PACAIR not only places emphasis on its products and market development; Mr. Robert Chiu has the same enthusiasm to get involved in the community by participating in various community events and sponsorship activities.

“Successful businesses cannot solely rely on profit; they have to also tend to their customers and communities as well,” Robert Chiu reveals from his entrepreneurial experience.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
El Monte Plaza Grand Opening